About your teacher / How I can help you

Who is your teacher :

Hi, my name is Antoine, I am a friendly but also very experienced (20 years) teacher working mainly with adults, but also teenagers and children of all levels.

After getting a translator’s degree, I started to work part-time then full-time as a language trainer, as I found the interaction with the students more appealing than the translator’s loneliness.


I have worked in several language centres, in France and abroad (in Europe and Asia).

Today, I also help learners prepare for their exams, and I am certified for the assessment of the DELF and DALF exams.


How I can help you :

You can easily find DELF topics online. You can do online exercises, but… how can know if your answers are correct? True, some sites have software that can check your listening and reading skills. But no program can assess your speaking and writing skills.

That’s what I'm here for. I offer customized assessment made a flesh-and-blood teacher, who can give you precise comments and useful recommendations in order to study more efficiently.
For each level, you'll get methodology tips (in easy French) to prepare skilfully for your written and oral tests.  

And also…

If you’re not interested in the DELF exam, I also give general and subject-specific French classes (grammar, vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation etc…)